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Weekly Chow


It's quite incredible to think that we're almost at the end of another year! I don't know about you, but work is piling up as we come up to the holiday season, and I've barely had time to keep up with foodie news! Here's a long overdue Catch-Up Chow for you to chew over, whilst I gear up for another foodie feature later this week...

Egg-free mayonnaise and lab-made burgers that taste like meat. Are you ready for food 2.0? (FT)

Author by day, waitress by night - meet Stephanie Danler and her debut novel, Sweetbitter. (NYT)

What happens when you pair a disappointed diner on Yelp with a disgruntled chef #nsfw (Mashable)

What happens to a pro orchestra when you feed them chillies and ask them to play! (Open Culture)

Find out what's really in packaged foods with EWG's Food Scores database and App, plus see how they stack up against one another! (EWG)

London's best new ramen joints, as chowed and reviewed by the inimitable Jay Rayner. (Guardian)


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