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Weekly Chow


As I continue to write this blog week on week, I've become more curious about what exactly it takes to forge a career out of food writing. Having the conviction to write what you believe and think (as opposed to regurgitating what you know people want you to publish) is of paramount importance, but so is being knowledgeable about your subject matter, and truly enjoying what you are doing are also key. If you've ever considered going pro and working in the world of food and beverages, check out some of my finds from this week...

Have you thought about becoming a food writer? It's tougher than it seems! (HK Magazine)

Should food critics be able to tell the difference between McDonald's and independent fast food? Not always, it seems... (Telegraph)

10 choice excerpts from the brilliant review of Beast by Jay Rayner. (Grub Street)

The chowdown on Anna Jones, and what it's like to be a chef and food stylist. (About Time)

London is fast becoming the world's cocktail capital, with 8 of the world's top 50 bars! (Telegraph)

Research indicates that tipped workers are twice as likely to live in poverty... (Eater)

P.S. 20 thoughts that all stress eaters have. #18 sums me up!


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