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Weekly Chow


Scarcity of food drives advertising success. Where's the beef? Got milk? (fastcocreate.com)

It's the rise of the multipurpose restaurant, as they are now doubling up as bookstores, bike shops and barbers. (theguardian.com)

There's a right way to organise your fridge. Find out how! (businessinsider.com)

Everyone needs to check out this formula for how to make a great salad! (impatientfoodie.com)

Where are the top food truck cities of the world? LA, NYC, London, and more... (cntraveler.com)

Restaurants in France are using pre-prepared food to the point where a new "homemade" sign is being introduced nationwide... (bbc.com)

P.S. The truth behind vodka - find out what's inside the drink of choice for "Russians, dieters and college freshmen"!


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