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Weekly Chow


The crowdfunded potato salad that has become a global sensation. (kickstarter.com)

"Pomegranate juice cheats death", and other wild claims by food marketers! (theguardian.com)

Why you should put your phone away at dinner, and other dining pet peeves... (independent.co.uk)

Martha Stewart's latest obsession with...drones?! (forbes.com)

10 handy cooking conversions to speed up your meal prep. (food52.com)

The difference between "local" and "organic" food, clarified once and for all! (time.com)

P.S. Congratulations to Germany for their World Cup 2014 victory! Celebrate mit German beer...


Florence Tsai said...

Great work val :) I looooveee your "chowdown" logo!! Did you make it??

Valerie said...

Florence - nope! I worked with a lovely designer called Carolyn to design the blog. The link to her portfolio is at the bottom of the site!

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