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Weekly Chow


Chef-author Anthony Bourdain comments on the fetishisation of food, eating and cooking in this latest interview. A #longread but well worth it! (smithsonianmag.com)

Soft serve ice cream is the way to go this summer... (nytimes.com)

18-34 year old millennials are consuming YouTube food videos like nobody else! (clickz.com)

China now has a creepy vampire restaurant, where drinks are served in blood bags... (eater.com)

Bravo Burger King! Check out how a piece of fast food packaging can show support towards the LGBT community.  (peppergang.com)

These scantily clad male food bloggers are taking "foodporn" to the next level... (gigacircle.com)

P.S. Check out the Tipping Calculator - now you'll know exactly how much to tip when abroad!


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