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GA x Sassy presents: Building a Business People Love: Restaurants Edition


The best part about working in the restaurant industry and simultaneously writing The Chowdown is that I've had the rare opportunity to meet some of Hong Kong's most inspiring F&B owners and operators. This materialises on the blog through the interviews, special events and features showcased in The Chowdown On, but will also go beyond the pages of the site in a few weeks when I am moderating an industry panel on how to design, build and run restaurants. Behold:

General Assembly and Sassy Hong Kong have teamed up once again to host a fun, informative panel event with three of HK's top restaurateurs: Syed Asim Hussain of Black Sheep Restaurants (La Vache!, Motorino); Tony Cheng of Drawing Room Concepts (AMMO, Drawing Room); and Andrew Li of PrivĂ© Group (Common Room, NUR). If you've ever been curious - even a little - about what it takes to create your own food business, or have a burning question about how to run a successful restaurant, sign up to the event and I'll see you there!

When: 7-9pm, Monday August 4th, 2014 
Where: Ho Lee Fuk, 1 Elgin Street, Soho
Cost: $150 for the session; includes drinks and nibbles

Update! Event recapped in this post.


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