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How To Coat a Ganache Like a Master Chocolatier


Last week, I finally fulfilled a childhood dream and attended my first chocolate making workshop. It wasn't just any workshop either, mind - it was hosted by award-winning French chocolatier and La Maison du Chocolat Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau! During an event at their Lee Gardens store, Chef Nicolas very graciously walked us through how to coat one of La Maison du Chocolat's timeless ganaches, the Quito. 

First, you create your interior ganache; we cheated a little and used the Quito interior, a blend of cocoa beans from Venezuela, Trinidad, Ecuador and Madagascar. Once the ganache is shaped and at room temperature, dip it into a fine, dark couverture (a chocolate that consists of over 32% cocoa and can be melted to a workable fluid state) using a two-pronged dipping fork. Immerse the interior ganache with a thin coating of couverture chocolate, using the fork to assist with coating the top of the ganache, and gently scrape off the excess at the base of the ganache.

Then, angle the dipping fork at 45° over a non-stick surface, and allow the coated ganache to slide off courtesy of Newton's law of gravitation. To finish off, Chef Nicolas applied an edible transfer sticker of the La Maison "M" on top of the ganache, and sent the chocolate off to the fridge for 15 minutes. Et voila! 

My attempt was not quite as perfect as those of Chef Nicolas', but I was reassured that it wasn't bad for a first timer! Frankly, I thought it was pretty delicious and scoffed my finished ganache whole; I only realised later that my greediness was being watched (and giggled at) by the MD of the company! Embarrassment aside, at least he knows his chocolates have a true fan in me.

The workshop was part of a promotional event for a choco-cocktail partnership between Chef Nicolas and Head Barman Maxime Hoerth of the famed Parisian hotel Le Bristol, who came together to launch a series of chocolate and cocktail/mocktail pairings. Find out more about the Summer Cocktail Collection here

Images 1, 4, 8 and 12 are courtesy of La Maison du Chocolat. Valerie was a guest of Lee Wolter.


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