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Weekly Chow


Support a worthy cause; donate a little towards the Drinkable Book of water filters for the developing world! (waterislife.com)

Find out exactly why food in adverts look better than the food you're served... (cnbc.com)

Seriously, people - you did not eat that oversized pizza or burger; stop trying to fake it! (nymag.com)

How one woman was turned away from a restaurant for not being sexy enough, and why it was worth speaking up. (guardian.com)

There's more to maraschino than the cherry - it's a classic liqueur too! (nytimes.com)

Do you really have a choice when it comes to shopping at the supermarket? (huffingtonpost.com)

P.S. Get the scoop on the £1,000 doughnut! Would you pay such an exorbitant price for it?


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