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Weekly Chow


The art of lunch, as demontrated by Cai Guo-Qiang, Marianne Vitale and Urs Fischer. (nytimes.com)

From Babette's Feast to Ratatouille, here are some of my favourite food films to date. (time.com)

A drink that replaces our meals has been invented. Is this the end of food? (newyorker.com)

Pro bartenders share their best substitutes for expensive bottles and ingredients! (seriouseats.com)

Traveleaters, check out these international dining tips to avoid meal time mishaps. (budgettravel.com)

Chiltern Firehouse continues to reign supreme in the London dining scene. (tatler.com)

P.S. The synopsis for Ruth Reichl's new novel Delicious! is scarily similar to my life...


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