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Weekly Chow


Do you know what meat you're eating? See how 5 journos did at a blind tasting... (guardian.com)

#dinnercam - the tool that every food blogger wishes was an actual invention! (youtube.com)

Obama tried some of Jiro's famous "dream" sushi, but could not finish his meal. (nymag.com)

21 reasons why every foodie needs to visit Hong Kong, like now. (buzzfeed.com)

Go forth and discover more foodie inspiration - Saveur's Best Food Blog Awards for 2014 have just been announced! (saveur.com)

Learn to cook like a pro with these simple but invaluable cooking tips. (bonappetit.com)

P.S. Check out the ideal food label that would help you really see what they're consuming.

Weekly Chow


Pad Thai is actually a misnomer; the dish most likely originates from China. (qz.com)

How do you feel about waiters Googling you in advance of your meal? (telegraph.co.uk)

Hangry: when one is simultaneously hungry and angry. (theguardian.com)

The science behind why airplane food always tastes so bad. (huffingtonpost.com)

Experts weigh in on how they prevent and cure hangovers. What's your secret? (seriouseats.com)

It's not always about fine dining. Sometimes, I just want fried chicken! (theguardian.com)

P.S. What your dinner party says about you...

Weekly Chow


On my never-ending quest to discovering more about the wonderful world of food, I'm always finding interesting links, opinions and recipes. I wanted to curate my favourites into a Monday series to share with you for your inspiration too. This is obviously not a revolutionary idea, but I hope you find some joy, knowledge or plain old amusement from these as well!

Working behind the scenes in a restaurant kitchen is absolutely terrifying. (telegraph.co.uk)

Being healthy does not always equal losing weight. (hellogiggles.com)

Pizza Hut HK have introduced a salmon roe and cream cheese stuffed crust. Say what? (eater.com)

What to do with your napkin at fancy restaurants, plus other savvy dining tips. (washingtonpost.com)

Does tasting french fries for a living sound like your ideal job? It's tougher than it seems... (npr.org)

Are super foods really worth the hype? (vogue.co.uk)

P.S. Congratulations to Bleeker St. Burger for winning the final of London Burger Bash last weekend!